Business Budgeting & Forecasting

Know where you’re going & how you’re travelling

Many business owners fail to set a budget and track their performance against it. Creating and monitoring against a budget is a sure way to know how you are indeed travelling.

budget-forecastingIs your business on track to meet its budget this year?

A business budget enables you to evaluate:

  • Progress towards business goals
  • Revenue and growth targets
  • Business costs
  • Profitability of products / services
  • Seasonal periods
  • If you have adequate or surplus assets
  • Whether you have the ability to meet debt requirements
  • By how much you can accelerate debt reduction
  • What your working capital and equity requirements are

A budget is an estimate of where you expect to end up. It is based on fixed and variable costs, inflows and outflows and must be realistic. Once we have established a reliable base we can measure and monitor your business performance, making adjustments as required to keep you on track.

Our basic package includes:

  • 1.5 hour meeting with our senior advisor of your choosing to determine key assumptions
  • Preparation of the budget on a monthly basis - Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet & Cashflow
  • Input of the budget to your accounting system
  • 1 hour follow up meeting to discuss the budget together
  • Our Monitor and Manage your Business Budget guide

Our advanced package also includes:

  • Analysis of how the business can be worked harder to achieve better performance, achievable targets that could be set for the business and communicated to staff
  • Scenario analysis – looking at a range of alternatives by changing key inputs
  • An extended second meeting where we take the time to explain the budget to you and our above analysis