Business Health Check

Is your business showing signs of distress?

heallth-meterA review of the financial health of your business, as well as key contractual arrangements can highlight areas in the business where it is time to stop and pay attention.

This service is specifically designed to answer:

  • Is my business solvent?
  • Are there financial decisions I’m making that put my business at risk?
  • What do I need to do to improve the financial health of my business?

Regrettably, 10 years ago we saw the Global Financial Crisis send many small businesses under, those that were bordering on salvageable tipped over the edge.

Today we see that this is still happening. Whether it be lack of financial knowledge, taking on excessive financial commitments, ignoring statutory tax obligations that build and build, or draining the business of its working capital, all combine to a business owner not knowing what they can do to start to get the business on track, and often can be too afraid to seek help.

We feel we are in a unique, independent and professional position to be able to identify what a business owner needs to do to improve the business.

Our business health check is a review of your business financials, your financial commitments with the bank, landlord and core suppliers, your tax and other obligations to formulate an opinion on the financial health of the business, and key strategies you could implement to improve it.

Note sometimes it is too late. If in our review it is identified that it is time to seek help from a liquidator, we will gently discuss with you what you need to do next.

Be mindful that when it comes to being a company director, you are personally liable if you are a director trading a company whilst insolvent, and a director can be made personally liable if there are unpaid PAYG Withholding or Superannuation Guarantee amounts.