Buying a Business

Creating your own destiny… taking the leap of faith

buying-bussinesAre you looking to buy an existing business?

Running your own enterprise is a rewarding and invaluable experience. While it does create the freedom to do things your own way, there is no doubt there are risks involved too.

We are able to assist you with the decision making process of buying a business and beyond by:

  • Discussing your goals, your position and your areas of expertise
  • Conducting financial due diligence - a review of the financial performance and position of the target business, identifying risks and valuing the business
  • Advice on debt and equity structures
  • Liaising with your legal and financial representatives
  • Reviewing the contract for sale from an accounting and tax perspective
  • Preparing a business plan for finance and strategic direction
  • Advice on and establishment of the corporate structure
  • Helping you transition into business ownership

Our Buying a Business Package includes :

  • Meeting with you initially to discuss the prospect
  • Our review and due diligence report preparation
  • Meeting with you again to outline our findings, helping you make an informed decision
  • Our Buying a Business Guide

Our goal is to help you with the decision making, the transition to being a business owner, and beyond…