Goods & Services Tax (GST)

If you are operating a business, or have investments, you may need to be registered for GST and submit a Business Activity Statement (BAS) to the ATO.

Things to consider:

  • Whether your projected annual turnover is greater than $75,000
  • Whether what you are doing is a hobby or a business enterprise
  • If you are a contractor whether the ATO would view you as an employee
  • If you have commercial rental properties or short stay residential properties
  • If you are a builder of residential accommodation, the margin scheme's application
  • What supplies and acquisitions may be fully or partially GST free or exempt
  • Whether you are importing and exporting

It’s important to ensure you are meeting your GST obligations & calculating your GST amounts accurately.

BAS Preparation

We take a proactive approach in evaluating our clients' GST obligations and claim entitlements. We can assist you meet your GST obligations and ensure all GST credit entitlements are captured.

Our BAS preparation service includes:

  • Review of the income and expenses in your bookkeeping system for accuracy of GST coding
  • Review of payroll activities
  • Review of PAYG instalments (paying tax as you go through the year)
  • Where applicable other reporting items such as Fuel Tax Credits, FBT instalments
  • Preparation and lodgement of the BAS for with the ATO

This service is usually provided regularly to our clients, and as such our fee is estimated for you in our engagement letter.

GST Advice

From time to time you will need GST advice for your business whether it is about exporting services overseas, GST on the sale of a business or commercial property, GST on medical supplies you make in your medical practice or some other matter. We are always available to our clients to assist with any advice you need, so you can make informed decisions quickly and get on with business.

Our fee for these services is based on our standard hourly rates.