Income Tax

You need your compliance obligations up to date, but do you wonder if your current advisor has done everything they can to minimise your tax costs & claiming all available deductions within the law?

At Raw Accountants we pride ourselves on ensuring our clients are managing all their business costs in an efficient way, including their income tax cost.

Tax Returns

income-taxBusiness entities and investment entities such as companies, trusts and partnerships need to prepare and lodge an annual tax return with the ATO. Deadlines vary for larger entities and those with prior late returns, but generally with a tax agent the business entity is due by the following May for a 30 June year end.

We proactively follow up with our clients as lodgement deadlines approach if your work has not yet arrived, to ensure all our clients meet their lodgement deadlines.

This service is usually provided in conjunction with Financial Statements preparation and our fee is estimated each year for you in our engagement letter.

Tax Advice

From time to time you will need tax advice for your business whether it be about an asset acquisition, debt structuring, salary packaging for staff, varying tax instalments or some other matter. We are always available to our clients to assist with any tax advice you need, so you can make informed decisions quickly and get on with business.

Our fee for these services is based on our standard hourly rates.

Are you paying too much tax?

For new clients this is a common question asked. Sometimes it’s a matter of having an independent accountant look over your work to give you comfort that your current accountant is doing all they can for you.

We are only too happy to undertake a review of your business structure, review the last couple of financial statements and tax returns and identify areas where you have paid too much tax.

We have many cases where our review has turned up situations where an amendment can be made to get a refund of overpaid tax. This review enables us to give you insight into where you can better manage your tax cost, within the parameters of tax law.

Our fee for this service is based on our standard hourly rates.