Tax Returns

tax-returnWe prepare tax returns for individuals. This service includes:

  • Tax return consultation to ensure all income, deductions, offsets and other information is gathered
  • Should your information arrive by email or post, a consultation by phone or email once the information is reviewed
  • The preparation of your return
  • A senior advisor’s review of your return to consider high level tax issues and identify additional expected concessions or deductions
  • Once you have reviewed and authorised, lodgement of the Tax Return with the ATO
  • Review of the Notice of Assessment

For this service we can often provide an estimate of the cost upfront based on our estimate of the time required to discuss, prepare and complete your return. Our fee is influenced by the complexity of the return, how the information is provided and the time required to follow up information required to complete the return – these influence the cost substantially.

We take the opportunity to seek out all available deductions and tax concessions to achieve the best result we can for you, within the parameters of the tax law. We are also happy to provide tips on how to organise and summarise your tax return information to reduce the cost of the service.

For many clients the cost of this service changes minimally from year to year. Substantial changes in the level of sole trader business activity, investment or salary & wage activity and deductions, numbers of rental properties and capital gains can result in more substantial changes in your fee than the prior year. We are only too happy to provide a fee indication upfront upon request once your information arrives or at our consultation.

Taxation Support and Advice

Informed Decisions * Timely Advice * Relevant Support

tax-supportWe provide a range of advisory services tailored to individual taxpayers, to help you better understand, better manage and reduce your taxation impost.

From time to time you will need tax support or advice. We are only too happy to assist so you can access our expertise, make informed decisions quickly and move on.

Tax management services commonly include:

  • Application for Private Rulings
  • Acting for you in liaison with the ATO on debt matters or payment arrangements
  • PAYG Instalments review and variations - estimating instalments required based on present income sources and amounts
  • Acting for you and liaison with the ATO on their enquiries, reviews or audits

Tax advice services commonly include:

  • Rental properties – negative gearing, taxation benefits, capital gains tax considerations
  • Salary sacrifice arrangements and tax benefits
  • Maximising deductions and associated tax benefits

Our fee for these services is based on our standard hourly rates.