New Clients

Looking for a new accountant? Often it can seem a daunting task – will the transition be complicated, will they understand me and my business, will I be taken care of as I deserve?

Our aim is to ensure you are well taken care of and that your only concern in the transition process is wondering why you didn’t come to Raw sooner. Our team of senior advisors are well trained and experienced in understanding how we can best help you, and we really do care. We make every effort to make the transition to Raw Accountants as smooth and simple as possible. We know we’ve achieved our aim when you tell us you are truly impressed with what we do for you & how we take care of you.

To help you in the decision making process, we offer you a no obligation, no charge initial consultation. This is a key opportunity to find out how we can best be of assistance to you in order to scope the services and expertise of Raw Accountants that you would benefit from.

We will also cover:

  • Current information about you, your business, your investments, your present structure
  • Your goals – for yourself and your business
  • Your current bookkeeping system, contact details for your bookkeeper
  • Any specific matters you are seeking assistance with straight away
  • Services we have identified would be relevant to your needs – compliance and advisory

This meeting enables us to develop a range of services that will make a real difference to you, and so we can understand well how we can best meet your needs and assist you in achieving your goals.

Shortly following this meeting you will be provided with our Proposal and Engagement Letter. Once the engagement terms are agreed we can then get started!