Our Fees and Pricing of Services

We offer a highly competitive fee structure. As business owners and parents, we understand the need to ensure you receive proactive and efficient services from highly qualified and skilled accountants working in your best interests, and at the same time receive real value for money.

Professional Fees

4.-Engagement-&-Fees-newOur fees are based on the expected amount of time and the level of staff required to complete the business advisory, accounting, and taxation services as required.

As is the nature of an estimate, it is once you lift the bonnet and get to work that you know the full extent of what is required. While in nearly all cases the final bill is the same as the estimate, there are sometimes situations where events or transactions arise during a job that we were not aware of at the time of preparing the estimate. If this occurs we will advise you and we will prepare a final bill that includes this additional work.

Ensuring records are provided in good order and the any missing information requested is supplied quickly helps lower the cost to complete your work and we are only too happy to provide feedback to help with this for next time.

Engagement Letter

Upon engagement, you will receive our Engagement Letter. This contains key information about our respective responsibilities, confidentiality, and specific services you have requested with associated estimated fees.

At Raw Accountants we pride ourselves in offering an upfront estimate for known services you are seeking from us. We know that managing personal and business expenses is of fundamental importance to you, and we know we are unique in our industry offering to quote upfront.

We also recognise that your needs change from time to time, and so too will the services you need from us. Should you seek a service not specifically quoted in your Engagement Letter, it will be provided at our standard hourly rates. Often we can give you an estimate once the scope of the work is understood; we encourage you to seek a quote upfront where-ever you wish to do so, we are only too happy to help.

Our engagement letters are updated every two years, to provide the opportunity for a review of the range of services you specifically seek and to give you updated hourly rates for other services you may seek.