Selling a Business

Cashing in on your hard earned asset… your business

sell-businessThe best time to think about selling a business is long before you intend to actually do it!

By taking the time to understand how to improve the attractiveness of a business to a buyer, improve its systems, processes, income, margins and profitability, to make your business independent of yourself (the key-person factor) you will create more value in the business, resulting in a better sale price.

The best time to sell is when the business is at its best – this is when you’ll realise the best value for it.

We are able to assist you through this process by:

  • Reviewing your business – its financial performance and position, its people and processes, its reputation and premises, its pricing and services – to give you a valuation on your business and to highlight areas where your business can be improved
  • To ensure your corporate structure is optimally positioned to take advantage of tax concessions available for many small businesses resulting in no capital gains tax at all
  • To assist you over following years with business value improvement strategy implementation

Also refer our Succession Planning section, highly complementary to this service.

When it comes time to put the business on the market, we also:

  • Undertake a business valuation, to assist you with setting the sale price
  • Assist you with your business information package – core information, financial details, addbacks of business owner remuneration and expenses
  • Assist you with buyer queries
  • Review the contract for sale from an accounting and tax perspective
  • Help you transition out of the business
  • When selling a business we can assist with preparation of up to date financial statements, arranging a business valuation in order to set the sale price, and assisting you through the sale process.

Our goal is to help you improve the value of your business long before sale, help you achieve an optimal sale price, and assist you through the sales process… on to enjoying the fruits of your long and hard labours!